A word-cloud on canvas for a retiring teacher.


London Waldorf School

London Waldorf School is not a client of ours. Our family is part of its community. Our son attends the school, and we have had the greatest of pleasures contributing our design work when needed.

Project Date(s)

September, 2014 – present


Before our son started attending this “alternative” school, we did quite a bit of research on it. Not for us, but for others who needed answers to why we are choosing to send him to this school

Pages and pages of data, based on pages and pages of studies. 

It only made sense to create an infographic to relay this information that could be easiliy consumed.

Stationery + Marketing Material


Assembly song on a postcard + promotional material for a lecture (postcard and a poster).

Print Design


Annual Mayfair brochure/programme/map. This was a fun project. An introduction of infographics to the school community! =) It was the best way to disseminates the abundance of information for this event.


“I really appreciate you putting the time into this info graphic!  So much fun to see the information presented in a different way.” – in reference to the infographic.

“Lovely! Thanks so much to you–and your whole family–for all of the time and work that you have put into this year’s Mayfair!” – in reference to the Mayfair brochure.

“I love it!” – in reference to Kim John Payne marketing material.

“I’m so happy to have done this – and I really, really love the watercolour look! : )” – in reference to the Assembly song on a postcard.